Utilihive Platform

Utilihive is a cloud-native big data integration platform delivered as a managed service. Utilihive leverages an event-driven service mesh architecture to provide optimal scalability and resilience for data exchanges across digital and physical systems.

Core Components

Utilihive is made up of the following components:

Utilihive iPaaS

The Utilihive integration platform operates on the concept of flows (i.e., message processing pipelines). The platform includes the following features centered around flows and flow development:

Feature Description


The runtime engine that manages and executes integration flows.

API management and
access control

Functionality for defining roles and permissions within a system, securing API services, and creating documentation and reports for flow endpoints.

Insights API

An API that exposes a subset of platform services for accessing data metrics and managing flows.


The tools needed to develop and unit test integration flows in a local environment.

Lowcode DSL

A low-code, domain-specific language for writing self-documenting flows in the SDK.

Utilihive Console

The Utilihive Console is an in-browser visual dashboard that facilitates the management and use of different Utilihive services. One such service is Utilihive Heartbeat, where you can create credentials for flow endpoints, generate reports, and trace messages through the system.

For more information, see the Console overview.

Utilihive Accelerators

Utilihive is an all-purpose iPaaS but provides specialized accelerators for power utilities. These include the following applications:

Application Description


A data storage and analytics service tailored for utilities.


A feature set for running simulations that generate test readings under different conditions.

Asset Data Repository

A secondary data storage for managing the status of usage points (e.g., meters).