Flow Listings

Select "Flows" from the left navigation menu to view a list of all flows deployed for your organization. The list will look like the following image:

The Utilihive Console displays a list of flows with action buttons for each one.

From here, you can access shortcuts to a flow’s traces or view the details for a specific flow.

Headless flows are not displayed in this main list, but they are still visible as a "downstream flow" in the details pages of the flows that use them.


Flows can optionally be assigned a group identifier in the flow spec, which then groups them on this page. Select the group icon ( ) in the top-right corner to switch to the group view. The list will then look like the following image:

The flow list is grouped by default, main integration, and Beatbox flows.

Flows with no assigned group are listed under "default". Flows that were deployed from a Beatbox installation are grouped by the name provided when creating the Beatbox ID. Note that Beatbox flows are only displayed on this page if an Agent user was created and their credentials included in the beatbox.env file.