Processor that consumes messages from a Google Cloud Pub/Sub subscription.

The server will use the given subscription to consume messages and the given authenticationConfigKey to extract the credentials needed (such as clientId, clientEmail, privateKeyPkcs8, etc.) to establish the connection to Google Cloud Pub/Sub. The subscription used must be a pull subscription.


Name Summary


Adds a Pub/Sub message’s attribute to a list to convert into message exchange properties.


Required name of the Pub/Sub pull subscription to consume messages from. Use the simple name, not the fully qualified one.


Required secret key that the server uses to look up the credentials needed to perform the authentication.


Optional number of threads concurrently pulling for messages from the subscription. Only set this if you have a specific requirement for it. When this consumer is deployed in a cluster, all nodes will already compete for messages, which will usually provide sufficient concurrency.


Optional, descriptive name for the processor.


Required identifier of the processor, unique across all processors within the flow. Must be between 3 and 30 characters long; contain only lower and uppercase alphabetical characters (a-z and A-Z), numbers, dashes ("-"), and underscores ("_"); and start with an alphabetical character. In other words, it adheres to the regex pattern [a-zA-Z][a-zA-Z0-9_-]{2,29}.


Optional set of custom properties in a simple jdk-format, that are added to the message exchange properties before processing the incoming payload. Any existing properties with the same name will be replaced by properties defined here.


Whether the incoming payload is available for error processing on failure. Defaults to false.


Name Summary


Strategy for describing the external system integration. Optional.


Strategy for describing how a processor’s message is logged on the server.


Strategy for archiving payloads.


Strategy that customizes the conversion of an incoming payload by a processor (e.g., string to object). Should be used when the processor’s default conversion logic cannot be used.



The authenticationConfigKey property supports secrets of type GoogleServiceAccountCredentials. The corresponding service account must at least have the 'roles/pubsub.subscriber' role to be able to consume messages.

See the Secret Types documentation for formatting details.