Heartbeat Overview

Message Statuses

The Heartbeat Overview is the first page you’ll see when logging into the Utilihive Console. This overview provides a quick snapshot of how many messages have been processed by the flow server. In the following image, we can see that three out of 1000 messages have failed:

The console displays a total count of in-flight, complete, and failed messages.

"In flight" messages are messages that are still being processed. If delivery of a message fails, it will appear in a list along with the error. From here, you can select to view the affected flow’s details or trace the message through the flow.

Time Range

On first visit, the overview defaults to messages from the last hour, but this time range can be changed by selecting the calendar button ( ) in the top-right corner of the screen. Selecting this button will open the following options:

The console displays an overlay to select or set a date range.

You can select from commonly used timeframes like the past day, week, month, etc. or enter a custom date range. These options also allow you to enable a refresh interval, so the overview will fetch and reload the latest data on its own if this is a page that you prefer to leave open indefinitely.