Managing from Heartbeat

Integration-level management tasks are only available to users with the correct permissions. See the Users documentation for more details.

Pausing Flows

Flows with a REST, SOAP, or handoff source can be temporarily disabled from Utilihive Heartbeat by navigating to a flow’s page and selecting the pause button ( ) in the top-right corner. You will need to provide a reason for pausing the flow, which will be displayed to all other users. The following image demonstrates a flow that has been paused:

The flow page displays an orange banner that says it was disabled by for testing reasons.

Pausing the flow will cause any REST API endpoints to return a 503 status with the following payload:

  "message": "Request rejected because the endpoint has been disabled."

Select the play button ( ) in the top-right corner to re-enable the flow and remove the warning.

Managing Resources

Resources can be managed from Utilihive Heartbeat. Select Resources from the left-hand navigation menu to see the resources currently deployed on the flow-server. The page will look similar to the following:

The list of resources includes JSON schemas, lookup tables, OpenAPI specs, and secrets.

From here, you can select the Create button in the top-right corner to add a new resource. During the creation process, you will have the option to upload a file or write the contents of the resource directly in a code editor, as the following image demonstrates:

The form to create a new resource includes options to upload a file or write in a code editor.

Selecting an existing resource will display the contents of that resource. For example:

The selected resource displays its JSON contents with options to edit or delete it in the top-right corner.

When viewing an individual resource, you have access to several options in the top-right corner, including buttons to delete ( ) and edit ( ) the resource. Note that when editing a resource, you must select the Update button below the resource contents to commit the change. Editing a resource will create a new revision.