Platform-level management tasks are accessed via the settings button ( ) in the bottom-left corner of the Utilihive Console. Most of these options are only available to admin users.

The audit log provides a view of all changes that have taken place on your instance of the Utilihive platform. To view the log, select Audit from the left-hand navigation menu, then select the organization you want to audit. The page will look like the following image:

A list of log items includes when a user was created and updated and when a service account was deleted.

Log entries include changes to users, service accounts, or flow access. For instance, if a user changes their password, that event would appear in the audit as a User log with type PasswordChange. Other events will typically fall under Created, Updated, or Deleted.

For updates and creations, select the folder button ( ) to view the corresponding payload. A ServiceAccount log with an event type of Created would display the following payload:

  "serviceAccountId": "8d610e1d-e3f3-484f-9505-d21208c55ac9",
  "userName": "test-user",
  "credentialsType": "BasicAuthentication",
  "organizationId": 5,
  "createdDateTimeUtc": "2021-09-30T18:01:15.17",
  "createdByUserId": 261,
  "updatedDateTimeUtc": null,
  "updatedByUserId": null